Gov business plan contest winner

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Gov business plan contest winner

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The Vibe Collective won in a highly competitive final, pitching their business plan to judges from The Big Issue, the professional services firm PwC, and the social development enterprise organisation Social Traders. What problems do we see in our community?

What impacts us directly? If some of these factors are compromised, it will make things significantly harder for young people trying to build up a network and develop the right skillset in order to secure a job.

They need these social pathways, not just to form personal relationships at home, but also to make a difference at work, interacting with colleagues and forming meaningful relationships.

In the eyes of the Vibe Collective, this issue is symptomatic of a bigger, intersectional problem. When the trio started looking around their community, they noticed that people in their age bracket were having a harder time meeting people than their counterparts in a city like Melbourne, or Sydney.

They mainly engaged with friends through online platforms, and their social lives became more virtual and stagnant. The unemployment rate cemented this trend, by closing off one of the major community pathways to meet people. By having three different delivery options for our events, we want to give people the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the event industry while meeting new people at the same time.

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The response was overwhelming, and it became apparent that they had tapped into something the community really needed. By organising live music events as well as workshops the group hopes to make a big social impact in the long run, equipping their members with the skills, knowledge and confidence they will need in the workforce, while also giving them the networking opportunities they will need, being young.

Usually when we organise events like this, people feel shy at first — arriving in duos and being a bit awkward, but by the end of the day, everyone is swapping numbers. The good thing about a forum like ours is that it has a low threshold — you know that everyone is there to have fun and to connect with each other.

Keep up to date with The Vibe Collective on their website.You are starting your business and know you need a license, so here is what you need to do to get started: The City has partnered with the Washington State Business Licensing Service (BLS) for business licensing services.

gov business plan contest winner

You can take care of this all in one easy step. Nov 17,  · On Thursday, the Obama Foundation announced the winners of the My Brother’s Keeper Challenge Competition, naming 19 community organizations across the nation that will receive money and support for expanding and launching programs to reduce violence, and to establish clear paths to opportunity for.

FGC Plasma Solutions from Case Western Reserve University in Ohio won the top student prize Tuesday at the Clean Energy Trust Clean Energy Challenge in Chicago, the first regional contest for the Energy Department’s National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition.

Binghamton Business Plan Competition The 9 th Annual BLDC-EAP Business Plan Competition sponsored by the Binghamton Local Development Corporation (BLDC) and the Broome Triad Entrepreneurial Assistance Program (EAP) based at SUNY Broome Community College is underway.

How do I file a charge? You may file a charge online, by US Mail or in person at one of our regional offices. Success Stories → Participants join a community of like-minded game changers with the energy, courage, and capability to make a difference. See a sampling of past participants who executed their plans after graduation.

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