Home means everything

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Home means everything

Everything you need to know about Google's My Activity page Yes, Google does know everything about you. Or, you know, Google Search. But there's some good news, sort of. Google has introduced a new data dashboard called the My Activity page where you can see just about every single piece of data that Google has collected about you over the better part of the past two decades.

Every website you've visited, every image you've viewed, every search term you've typed into the Google Search box. But it's also pretty useful, because, as evidenced by the mountain of data Google has stored on you, knowledge is power. From the My Activity page you not only see what Google is tracking, you can also take steps to delete data and prevent future collection.

What is the My Activity page? The My Activity page is a hub where you can see all of the key information that Google has been collecting about you over the years.

You can find this page by going to myactivity. According to Google, my life is all Pokemon Go and dog toys. You can choose to see a list of each individual item on the timeline by clicking the menu button three lines in the upper left corner and going to Item view.

Click these dots to view the details of any particular item details will include things like the exact time the activity was recorded and what Google product was being used or to delete an individual item. How is this different from the Web History tool? Google's Web History tool now redirects to the My Activity page -- so it's not actually different any more.

How does Google use this data? Google uses your data in two main ways: To improve its services for the general population for example, using your mobile location data to get information on current traffic patterns and to give you a more personalized experience like autocompleting your searches.

You can read more about how Google uses your data on its Privacy page. Does the My Activity page show all the data Google has collected on me? The My Activity page shows data from a variety of Google products, but not all of them.

You can, however, find even more data that Google has collected by going to the My Activity page and clicking the menu icon in the upper left corner and going to Other Google activity. This page will direct you to even more Google trackers, such as your Google Maps location history if you have an Android phone with GPS-enabled, this can get pretty freaky ; information such as contacts, calendars and apps from your devices; Google Play Sound Search history; and any YouTube videos you clicked "Not Interested" on.

What can I delete?

Home means everything

You can delete anything and everything from the My Activity page. Because Google does use your data to customize your Google experience, you may see a decline in the usefulness of some Google services if you delete a significant part of your activity.

To delete individual items from the My Activity page, find the item and click the three dots next to it and then click Delete. You can also do this for individual days.At Lennar Everything is Included®!We have simplified the home buying process by including the features that you want and need.

When you purchase a Lennar home there is no guessing what the price will be after selecting the options needed to make it a complete home – we include them for you!

It’s top of mind, that to our Veteran families, “home” means everything. It’s a place to heal, it is a special sanctuary that provides stability and needed neighborly support.” Here are two stories of veterans helped by their programs.

'It’s literally the biggest break we’ve ever gotten as a family,' says mom Morgan Ranseth

"Home means a future. Once we had a stable home, we could think beyond where we were going to live from week to week, and we could begin to look ahead to where we wanted to go.


Home is the base where everything begins.". May 03,  · Pathway Homes: When ‘Home’ Means Everything Dan Tuttle, founder and president of Pathway Homes, decided years ago that he did not want to build any home that he would not want to live in himself.

After graduating from the University of Georgia in Athens over 23 years ago, he began investing his energies in building communities. Feb 14,  · Watch video · The movie version of Nicola Yoon’s novel Everything, Everything has been revealed — telling the story of a girl with no place in .

NC-based Purple Heart Homes Asks for Donations, Volunteers, to Help Active Military Families and Veterans. During this holiday season, Purple Heart Homes is asking people to recognize the importance and meaning of “home” to US military families and give time, materials, or funding to their cause.

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