Job shop scheduling phd thesis

PhD thesis, Lancaster University. Preview PDF struijker boudierphd. Download Kb Preview Abstract This thesis considers the scheduling challenges encountered at a particular facility in the nuclear industry. The scheduling problem is modelled as a variant of the job shop scheduling problem.

Job shop scheduling phd thesis

Sengupta, Arindam Multidimensional Signal Processing Using Mixed-Microwave-Digital Circuits and Systems Master of Science in Engineering, University of Akron,Electrical Engineering Wideband beamforming is an essential requirement for several areas of importance, such as radar, cognitive radio and wireless communications.

Emerging ultra-wideband UWB systems demand rapid electronic steerability, and multiple beams, while maintaining a relatively constant far-field beamwidth. Traditional phased-array based coherent summing approaches generally fail to comply with the requirements of the UWB systems, and implementing such architectures on a hardware level is computationally intensive.

Moreover, digital signal processing DSP of wideband signals require sophisticated front-ends for pre-processing stages, followed by analog-to-digital converters ADCs operating at a very high frequency of operation.

A Job Shop Scheduling Heuristic Algorithm Based on Probabilistic Model of the Search Space

In this study, a novel approach to mitigate the ADC requirements is explored, by using both microwave channelizers and sub-sampling ADCs. The microwave channelizer splits the incoming wideband signals into narrower bands, which are then digitized using subsampling ADCs.

The resulting signals are simultaneously down-sampled and down-converted. This approach is investigated for a planar manifold-type microwave channelizer, integrated with multi-dimensional filters, to aid 2-D and 3-D wideband directional beamforming systems.

The proposed 3-D architecture was primarily investigated for focal plane array FPA applications, in order to exploit the high gain of a parabolic dish reflector, while achieving support for multiple electronically scanned beams, by replacing existing horn antennas with an FPA placed at the focal point of the dish.

Train scheduling with application to the UK rail network - ePrints Soton

Such architectures, with the aid of the recently proposed frustum shaped filters, find many applications in radar, radio astronomy and other microwave imaging techniques. A novel 2-D bio-inspired spatially band-pass multi-beam filter, from the 1-D electrical equivalent of a mammalian cochlea, is explored.

The proposed architectures were evaluated for performance under various scenarios involving wideband directional interference, off-dish interference and additive white Gaussian noise AWGNand were found to demonstrate significant noise rejection and subsequent desired signal enhancement.

VLSI architectures for three high-precision fast division algorithms are presented. Such architectures are of extreme importance for several fields that require real-time high-precision fast computations, such as, digital signal processing, information theory, cryptography, graph theory, and next generation of computational devices.

Advisor ; Nghi Tran, Dr. Committee Member ; Ryan Toonen, Dr. Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering Keywords: All iterative scheduling algorithms require their performance measure, usually the makespan, to be calculated during every iteration. Therefore, this work can enhance the efficiency of many existing scheduling heuristics, e.

This increased speed provides two major benefits. The first is the capability of searching a larger solution space, and second is the capability to find a better solution due to the extra time. The following is a list of major highlights of this dissertation.

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The dissertation extends the hierarchical block diagram model formulation and composition that was originally proposed by Imaev[2]. An efficient algorithm that calculates kleene star of a lower triangular matrix is presented.

Finally, a novel pictorial methodology, called the SBA Serial Block Additionis developed to calculate the makespan of a perturbed job shop. The algorithm was tested on 10, randomly generated problems.

The solutions provided by scheduling algorithm were A LOADING AND BALANCING METHODOLOGY FOR JOB SHOP CONTROL A THESIS Presented to in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology October, A LOADING AND BALANCING METHODOLOGY FOR JOB SHOP CONTROL Approved: Richard H.

Dearie, Chairman Traditional Scheduling and Job Shop Classifications We are dealing with the job shop scheduling problem in this research and we are specifically concerned with tackling the problem of sudden changes in the Timetabling and Scheduling’PhD thesis, Department of Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh.

4. Grefenstette, J., , ‘Genesis: A . and release strategies in a job shop environment: a review and a classification", International Journal of Production Research, scheduling research", European Journal of Operational Research, vol.

47, pp.


PhD Thesis, Institut für Fabrikanlagen, Technische Universität Hannover, Germany. This thesis considers the scheduling challenges encountered at a particular facility in the nuclear industry. The scheduling problem is modelled as a variant of the job shop scheduling problem.

Important aspects of the considered problem include the scheduling of jobs with both soft and hard due dates, and the integration of maintenance planning with job scheduling.

Job shop scheduling phd thesis

Fox received his in Computer Science from the University of Toronto in , and his PhD in Computer Science from the Carnegie Mellon University in with the thesis "Constraint-directed search: a case-study of job-shop scheduling.".

This paper deals with online scheduling of a flexible job-shop with blocking where jobs are transported between the machines by one or several automated guided vehicles.

The objective is to minimise the total weighted tardiness of the jobs.

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