Orientalism as a lens to a passage in india essay

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Orientalism as a lens to a passage in india essay

Joseph Conrad, George Orwell, and E. Of course, this is no fault in and of itself; in fact, Orwell and Conrad are personal favorites of mine. But there is significant complexity to be found in the dynamic between Western writers and Eastern culture and how the culture in which the writer places themselves is portrayed.

This dynamic is spelled out in detail by Edward Saida professor at Columbia University who in authored his landmark book at the time, Orientalism. It is this imbalance of power that the term Orientalism refers to and the distortion of perception that results.

Void of any direct oppressive or imperialist activity or behavior, it would seem unnecessary for the professional expat of today to concern themselves with the potential for propagating Orientalism in any way.

But to write off the ideas of Orientalism completely is to be mistaken. From Facebook posts to Instagram pictures to travel blogs, the modern expat is as responsible as ever for how they portray the countries in which they find themselves a guest.

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The luxury to observe other cultures results in Westerners having the opportunity to develop, control and share the narrative of the East with the rest of the West, a narrative developed through the eyes of a Westerner and without the input of the Eastern subjects themselves.

The Pitfalls of Expatriate Reporting One of the issues that Said articulates about expatriate reporting is the difficulty of accurate reporting. This choice between broad and narrow representation is found throughout expatriate novels. Neither the unspoken character, whose thoughts and actions are general to the point of nonexistence, nor the cultural caricature can be used as any representation of reality.

And these authors have not only the power to present an entire region to their compatriots back home, but also to build the identity of Eastern people in the eyes of the West for its readers.

As Said writes, this lays the foundation for the West to begin forming its distorted understanding of foreign cultures. The Responsibility of the Modern Expat With the exception of a few select hermit nations, the modern era and the technological advances brought with it have forced nations, to varying extents, to submit to the transparency that tools such as social media afford.

Having said that, the interest that people from the West have in the state of Eastern nations and the intricacies of other cultures is varying, and the information that people do read about other cultures is limited to only a few select sources. These of course include national media outlets and documentaries.

But they also include the personal reporting by travel bloggers and expats who share their stories with friends, family or online followers. And just like the power wielded by Conrad or Orwell, the modern expat has a similar, or even identical, power to control the perception of large swaths of people through their reports back home to family, friends or online networks as they share stories of their travels abroad.

They are the gateway through which information about a culture passes through, and it is in their power, just as it has always been for authors reporting home, to chose what they share and how they share it. It is only to illustrate the power that a few hundred words can have in the perception that people hold of a country or area of the world, how that perception can influence action people not wanting to visit Vietnam anymore and also the limitations faced when summarizing an entire country and culture in 1, words.

Orientalism as a lens to a passage in india essay

I feel this burden of responsibility personally. With almost no other information, or no interest in knowing more about Vietnam, I am the de facto number one source of information on life in Vietnam for my close friends and family.

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To some extent, I control their perception of Vietnamese culture and Vietnamese people through the stories I tell and the way that I present my experience in Vietnam. And this is a responsibility that I and anyone else living abroad should at least acknowledge.

A Positive Final Note Despite all of the limitations of expatriate reporting, Said does offer hope and a vision for what an international community can look like and what must be overcome in order to achieve it: But for that kind of wider perception we need time and patient and skeptical inquiry, supported by faith in communities of interpretation that are difficult to sustain in a world demanding instant action and reaction.

As Said makes clear, the task of reporting is at best challenging and for the reporter is riddled with limitations.

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We should of course share stories of adventure and travel, and the act of doing so is important. What do you think the responsibility of an aspect is in how they portray their host country?

If you want to recieve it, sign up below!When Dr. Aziz is accused of assaulting Miss Adela (Forster 55), the run-up and aftermath of the trial bring to the fore common prejudices and racial tensions between the British rulers and indigenous Indians.

This paper will seek to understand the events in A Passage to India through the lens of prevalent themes in Orientalism. should not be treated as paradigmatic of postcolonialism or orientalism. The texts referred in this paper are: The Tempest by A passage to India by E.M. Foster. All the above texts have been analyzed in the light of theories of Edward Said, contributed to orientalism as an ‘institution’-a lens through which the ‘orient’ would be.

Orientalism and Post-Colonial Theory - Orientalism and Post-Colonial Theory Fitting Said’s vision of Orientalism into post colonial theory is a fluid meeting of social discourse. A Passage to India and Orientalism Essay Words | 7 Pages India and Orientalism When in Edward W.

Said published his book Orientalism, it presented a turning point in post-colonial criticism. A Passage to India and Orientalism. When in Edward W. Said published his book Orientalism, it presented a turning point in post-colonial criticism.

He introduced the term Orientalism, and talked about 2 of its aspects: the way the West sees the Orient and the way the West controls the Orient. But as one can see in the texts of novels like Forster's Passage to India or Kipling's Kim, these attitudes are at least as significant as the number of people in the army or civil service or the millions of pounds that England derived from India.

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