Pro same sex marriage thesis statement

Family Research Council Section 3 Your second claim should use research, facts and reputable sources to prove your point and encourage people to see things your way. Second Claim Starting Sentence Option 1: Starting Sentence Option 2:

Pro same sex marriage thesis statement

You'll need to prove that: Although an alternative to adoption is having a surrogate mother, I know that this is not just extremely awkward -- even by gay couple standards -- but also very uncommon.

Do not mix it up with the word 'normal,' and do not fall into the trap of calling gayness abnormal.

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Nov 18 What does it mean? Is official heterosexual approval needed for heterosexual marriages? Are you saying that only marriages that have some sort of peer group official approval are valid?

But where do any marriages have that? Did you mean that they are not officially 'legal' and if so why offical 'gay approval? Nov 19 We supply a list of EFL job vacancies "all men are created equal" this statement is bull, 'cause gay couples do NOT have the right to marry, therfore are not equal.

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Dec 20 Here's a good example of why my own country seems to be going down the tubes. This is one of the most meaningful and proud statements made by America?!

We are really going places. For those of you who are English-limited, that was sarcasm. It's not a lie, anon.

Pro same sex marriage thesis statement

A lie would imply that the speaker knows better.The Legalization of Same Sex Marriage We are in a new era and people should be able to make choices based on their own beliefs, wants and desires, without The Radical Right, The Church or anyone else telling them what to do. Have a thesis statement examples - explained with letting same-sex how to write an essay?

Questions and expert responses in the light of gay marriage papers. Over , belgium , topics, and . First, it is important to recognise that the explanation for why different viewpoints exist on whether or not same-sex marriage should be legal, is because different people, and governments, have different intuitions about whether or not homosexuality, per se, is acceptable.

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B) Same-Sex Marriage Provides a More Stable Environment for Children of Lesbian and Gay Couples Some critics of same-sex marriage argue that the purpose of marriage is to provide institutional support for childrearing and that lesbian and gay couples, who (like infertile heterosexual couples) cannot biologically produce children by way of each.

A thesis statement supporting the right of same-sex marriages, though, can focus on the spirit and letter of the Constitution with respect to the freedoms spelled out in the Bill of Rights, and to. Pros and cons thesis statement examples. [tags: Pro Same Sex Marriage Essays] Pros and cons essay template.

The most common argument for people being against gay marriage is that it’s “not natural” for two people of the same sex to have a marriage. I agree more of a civil union more than gay marriage because of my faith.

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