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About this Typology About this Typology This typology breaks down the traditional boundaries between the nonprofit and private sectors and draws definition to this new institutional animal--part business-part social--the social enterprise. In doing so, the typology explores how institutions have combined a mix of social values and goals with commercial business practices and how they have come up with ownership models, income and capitalization strategies, and unique management and service systems designed to maximize social value. The illustrative typology classifies different models of social enterprise in order to navigate readers through the currently ill-defined, diverse and dynamic landscape of this emerging field.

Question case cemex

Also, along with leaders, a group of experts was assigned to each particular topic which would be a main focus, but would also serve as support for all other 9 strategic topics.

Examples of how these 10 strategic topics were embedded in our organization are the following: The challenge was to gather all the different products that the company develops in this business line, especially after some acquisitions, to gain visibility of all products, benchmark the best ones and share them across all operations.

The first attempt to do this was made inwith a traditional, top-down approach to management. A team with a leader would travel to different countries to obtain the necessary green lights, and then send a team to collect the Question case cemex data to form the catalogue.

This proved to be an impossible task that failed due Question case cemex its highly bureaucratic, and mandatory approach. In a second attempt, a community was created in Shift where all our operations were invited to post and share their special products, with their characteristics, technical specifications, production process, marketing strategies, etc.

By making this a transparent, open, social endeavor, instead of a top-down bureaucratic process, participants were easily encouraged to participate. Everyone wanted to share the good things they were doing in their country. Now that the catalogue is up and open to all, it is a constant work in progress that can regularly be updated as products are added or removed from the market.

This led to an important discovery that would not be possible otherwise: The company was producing many products with the same characteristics in different countries but they were being sold with different names and under different market strategies.

This meant a dilution of our brands and a waste of valuable resources. This prompted the company to develop the first ever global brand, called Promptis Ready Mix, that would leverage economies of scale, lessons learned, and a global brand presence.

Our next challenge is finding a way to bring these products to market faster and more effectively. In this initiative, a new management style emerged, where transparency was encouraged and expected of peers.

This new collaborative and coordinated global system leads to best practice sharing and development of new technology in ready mix admixtures.

Special products which are characterized for being manufactured for a particular client with particular needs at a premium price where effectively shared in a worldwide basis and studied by experts.

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Also, all business units have now active communication and collaboration with Research and Development labs located in Switzerland and Mexico thanks to Shift. Direct contact with experts is available for those who seek support and know-how sharing, and experts are constantly communicating and sharing best practices in Shift.

Among the benefits found in this initiative we have seen the following: CEMEX is a large company with employees of all ages and cultures, and as such it faces different levels of comfort with the new collaboration practices and new technology.

The Innovation team worked closely with carefully selected leaders, key adopters, champions and extended networks to help users understand the value of collaboration and put them at ease with using the Shift platform. A lot of on boarding sessions were held and the team put special care in making an easy-to-use Help Center, including videos and brief tutorials on topics of interest.

In addition to this, a strong internal communication campaign was executed to promote awareness, and enforce messages with coaching, training and engagement. Another challenge was how advanced and new the platform is.

To many users it was hard to understand how to make the most of every feature, and how to get their message across using the best media, whether using a wiki, blog, discussion board, etc. A strong effort in encouraging users to lose fear and start creating content was made, given that the innovation team firmly believed in learning and understanding by doing.

Users who were a little skeptic about the use of new technologies were quickly convinced by actual power users and key adopters about the value and power of Shift.

With a relatively small investment, in the low hundred thousand dollars, for a global company Shift has brought both tangible and intangible results.

As mentioned before, the rapid viral spread of users at Shift has been noticeable. The success is not just measured in amount of users, but on what they do with the platform.

Today we see a marked increase in blogs, and blog comments, as well as in the creation of more than communities to bring people with common interests and goals together.

Question case cemex

Wikis and discussion forums are being used in each of these communities as a means to solve local problems with global talent and to store and share the knowledge they are generating.

Tangible results are starting to become evident in many items that affect the bottom line. Rapid development of new products and a considerable reduction of time-to-market have emerged from this new form of global collaboration. Cost reductions in travel, testing, and research have become possible through real-time interaction with any CEMEX location worldwide.

However, the most important benefits are not so easy to measure.

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They include the adoption of the latest in collaboration practices and benchmarks, visibility for employees on all levels of the company residing in the quality of their contributions, not their hierarchical position, and an overall more positive atmosphere that encourages employees to become a part of something bigger than them.

Most importantly, Shift is helping CEMEX move towards a new culture of innovation through global collaboration, which is made possible for the first time by the new technologies that bring us closer to each other.

Now every employee is empowered to connect with colleagues, share their ideas, and make live interactions a part of their daily experience. In the above picture is depicted how Shift began it's implementation with 6 Global Initiatives that led to an organical growth of adoption throughout the organization.

Lessons The change in collaboration practices enabled by Shift has so far proven to be much more than anticipated.Interview candidates at CEMEX (USA) rate the interview process an overall positive experience. Interview candidates say the interview experience difficulty for CEMEX (USA) is average.

Some recently asked CEMEX (USA) interview questions were, "How important is a work-life balance for you?". Cemex Case Study Words | 6 Pages Running head: Cemex’s Foreign Direct Investment Cemex Foreign Direct Investment Jeff Panian Davenport University Abstract Cemex is one of the fastest growing cement manufacturers in the world.

CEMEX USA has gathered and answered many of the frequently asked questions about concrete and how it is used in construction and homebuilding. Concrete Questions Answered by Concrete Experts - CEMEX USA.

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