Writing apis footwear

Taurus, the Bull, le Taureau of France, il Toro of Italy, and der Stier of Germany, everywhere was one of the earliest and most noted constellations, perhaps the first established, because it marked the vernal equinox from about to B. It is to this that Vergil alluded in the much quoted lines from the 1st Georgic, which May rendered: The averse, "crosse," in the second line of this passage:

Writing apis footwear

I began this page in response to the lies and fraudulent information being passed off on the television program America Unearthed as scientific fact, but I believe that I now need to expand it to include other frauds related to rock art and archaeology.

Indeed, if you are at all interested in how bizarre some people's beliefs or how unscrupulous their hoaxes can be please also refer to my page of Certifiable Rock Art Prevarication C.

Awards where I point out my candidate for the best hoax or sometimes just outrageous attitudes of the year. Fish design on a Mimbres bowl printed in reverse, see below. In his book America B. Its light-skinned inhabitants were drawn from the mixed population of Anatolian sea-peoples who invaded Libya around B.

The Greek influence persisted in the American Libyan settlements at least until circa A. The painting is dated by tree-ring evidence to circa A.

The vessels are decorated in black, white, and red and carry paintings of people and animals, together with other motifs that have been regarded as merely decorative.

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However, in my opinion these motifs are actually derived from original inscriptions in the Libyan alphabet and descriptive of the scenes depicted in the paintings. The question of the supposed inscriptions requires further study.

writing apis footwear

In southern Spain the Libyan immigrants adopted some writing apis footwear the southern Iberian forms of letters, such as the triangular sight used for the stressed semivowel aleph accented aand the mirror-image-D-shaped sign used for r.

Now it is a remarkable fact that on Mimbres pottery from New Mexico a painting of an American catfish occurs genus Ictalurus, having 8 barbels, as opposed to the Libyan species, which has 5 barbelsand painted on the fish are the Libyan letters reading raN.

This can only mean that Libyan settlers brought to America both the writing system and the actual word for catfish used in North Africa, and somehow the people of the Mimbres valley were using this around AD when the pottery was made. Libyan catfish, clarius gariepinus, clearly showing eight barbels.

Now this is very easy to check on; simply look up indigenous catfish in New Mexico, and in Libya. Whichever species if this is indeed a catfish is being portrayed is irrelevant as they all have eight barbels. The only species of catfish listed as indigenous to Libya is the North African catfish Clarius gariepinus http: Also, only the pectoral fins have spines.

By the way, what Fell reads as Libyan characters I see as a decorative elaboration of the edge of the gill flap of the fish. Why Fell chose to describe the Libyan catfish Clarias gariepinus as having only five barbels is a mystery to me as it is so easy to confirm that it indeed has eight.

Fell is even supposed to be a marine biologist and so, I would think, would know better. Fell also explained that although Libyans write their characters from left to right, that the Libyans who settled in southern Spain began to write it from right to left so he has had the image of the Mimbres dish reversed to show it that way.

This indicates that the particular Libyans who visited Mimbres did so by way of southern Spain. Do you think we really need to get so anal-ytical about one small statement about a picture of a fish?

Making Critical Decisions. Effortless.

How can anyone take this seriously? This, however, could not have been true of the fish which are so common in Mimbres designs. The Mimbres river heads in the mountains about fifteen miles north of Mimbres P.

Queerly enough most of the drawings give the impression of salt-water fish, yet the distance to the Gulf of California is over three hundred and fifty airline miles and to the Gulf of Mexico over seven hundred.

I have therefore given a number of drawings taken from Mimbres bowls in the hope that someone may be able to recognize a face, a shape, or a tail and give us some hint as to how and where the Mimbres women got their icthyological ideas.This page contains tables of criterion IDs and system codes and formats (for example: currencies, dates, locales)..


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writing apis footwear

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